Project Brief

To help protect organizations and their people from the day-to-day risks and uncertainties in complex operating environments.
In-depth, actionable, and relevant insight delivered 24/7/365 on global threats, with granular detail on high-risk location that enables user to make more informed decisions and implement risk mitigation measures.

Project Information

Our Process



The most crucial part of the web app development process is to analyse and gain an accurate understanding of what the client wants and their vision for the development. By thoroughly understanding goals, we analyse and form a strategic structure for development.



From defining site architecture to selecting the technical stack, we design the complete roadmap of the project, starting from colour schemes, graphics, icons, templates, user experience, style guides, transitions, buttons, and much more to finalize the design aspect.



With an agile strategy, we are adaptable & dedicated to the project scope & effectively incorporate quality assurance into the development processes by consistently providing value to clients. The entire process is also remarkably transparent.



After development, we optimize the performance when required and renew licenses while adding new features according to the product roadmap to ensure we attain successive growth and satisfactory results that adds value.

Business Goals

A web application which will be used by clients to see country related threats like Airstrike, Bomb blast, Drone attack and more to help protect organizations and their people from the day-to-day risks and uncertainties in complex operating environments by delivering timely analytical, location-based insights by getting threat notifications based on the country subscription and access incident trends by viewing maps and charts.


Our Approach:

Outcomes & Values Delivered:  

Technologies Used



Delivering solutions by implementing scalable services with robust, practical systems, exercises and documentation in place to better equip web applications.

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