“Blockchain technology is as significant now as the Internet was 25 years ago.”
The goal of blockchain technology is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed, but not edited. Blockchain network aims to enable the distribution and recording of digital information via Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) without its editing. Our core blockchain developers can build blockchain app that keep records of transactions that cannot be modified, deleted, or destroyed.
Our expertise in custom blockchain app development results in robust decentralized blockchain solutions and improves the supply chains of digital assets. With advancements in Smart Contracts, Ethereum Blockchain & Bitcoin Blockchain and Private Blockchain. Transform the financial services of your business where all transactions are recorded.
Blockchain Solutions- Hypeteq

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At HypeTeq, our leading suite of blockchain products, Ethereum Blockchain Services enables businesses to implement cutting-edge Ethereum Blockchain Solutions by developing decentralized applications that are built on Ethereum, collaborating with target audiences worldwide.

Why Ethereum?

  • Deploy and manage private blockchain networks
  • Private Transactions with Encrypted Data
  • Decentralized Data Coordination


HypeTeq is an innovative Hyperledger blockchain development company based in India that delivers enterprise-level distributed Hyperledger development services to organisations across the world to transform business operations using Hyperledger smart contract application which results in the highly beneficial for the enterprises.

Why Hyperledger?

  • Improves Supply Chain Management
  • Enhanced Performance, Scalability, And Levels of Trust
  • Safeguards Intellectual Property


A software wallet program developed by the team of experts from HypeTeq that enables your enterprise to buy and sell cryptocurrency and monitor the transactions and balance on your digital currency. All the transactions are highly secure and cryptographically signed, and you can access your crypto wallet from any device that’s connected to the internet.

Why Vue?

  • Amplified Global Reach
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Highly Secure


Build your enterprises’ cryptocurrency exchange platform with our rich expertise in delivering customized cryptocurrency exchange development services. We provide a one-stop solution for creating various exchange platforms for several cryptocurrencies.


  • Exponential Industry Growth
  • An Inclusive Financial System
  • Always-Open Markets


Make traceable, transparent and irreversible transactions with smart contracts. HypeTeq offers this computer program solution for automated transactions stored on a blockchain and run-in response to meeting certain conditions without the involvement of an intermediary or time delay.


  • Exceptional Accuracy, Speed, and Efficiency
  • Eliminates Intermediaries
  • No Third-Party Involvement


Set up a permission network and create your business’ private blockchain that requires an invitation or permission to join your network. HypeTeq provides enterprises to opt for a private blockchain to build multi-party business applications with high scalability within a trusted environment.


  • Secured Sensitive Data
  • Potentially Faster Transactions
  • Controlled Access, Efficient Governance


NFT marketplace is changing the identity of online transactions, providing a more secure, efficient, and independent way to buy, sell, or trade digital assets. HypeTeq delivers and codes revolutionary NFTs and digital collectables for your businesses for NFT Marketplace. We assist your organisation in acing the NFT domain by creating unique and compatible tokens on different blockchain platforms.


  • Ease of trade with built-in liquidity mechanisms
  • Flexibility of Decentralized Marketplace
  • Increase Security

Build a Chain of Trusted Source

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