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Simplifying the quality of healthcare industry with latest wearable technology and best practices in compliance with HIPAA & NHS.

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With our years of medical IT experience, HypeTeq develops practical, secure, and high-performing software solutions for patients, healthcare professionals, and providers. Our ultimate focus is to ensure user satisfaction, scalability, and cost efficiency, resulting in successful web applications that provide tangible benefits to businesses while maintaining data privacy with GDPR compliance.
Partner with leading software solutions company for innovative cloud computing solutions that
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Clinical Care


Age Care

Patient Portals

Healthcare Software Solutions

Fertility Hospital System

Mobile Applications

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Beyond offering end-to-end agile services, we also excel in next gen technologies that will not only scale your business but also level it up with excellence, productivity and efficiency. We adhere to NDAs and SLAs in compliance with HIPAA, emphasizing security and privacy along with certified authenticity. To be more efficient, we design gratifying experiences and streamlined workflow processes.

HypeTeq’s Success Stories

Techmed client project-Hypeteq



Vocal Health Monitoring

Health & Fitness App

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Add The Much-needed Hype To Your Ideas, Vision, Growth, And Goals With Futuristic Solutions!

Add The Much-needed Hype To Your Ideas, Vision, Growth,
And Goals With Futuristic Solutions!

Trusted by companies of all sizes, across the world

Trusted by companies of all sizes,
across the world

Felix Y Founder & CEO

HypeTeq has demonstrated super competence on complex technologies -especially Microsoft Azure based serverless system implementation -for our key product. Team's Energy and excellence combined with professionalism has rendered commendable value in our product development cycle. I envision HypeTeq as our definite long-term outsourcing partner.

Lauriane A Head of Delivery

Great experience, long term partnership and trustful business collaboration cross projects. We worked for more than a year now with HypeTeq and we are super satisfied about communication, resource dedication and seniority along quality of work. Business relation is super smooth and based on deep trust. I highly appreciate Partnership, resource allocation efficiency, hight work quality and long term vision.

Mathieu B Founder & CEO

Hypeteq Software Solutions’s developers produce quality work, work flexible hours, and take on extra work when needed. Their management solicits feedback regularly. They communicate well via MS Teams and are experienced in Jira. GitHub and Float are also used for project management.

Emad Al Jaaly Founder & CEO

I am very pleased with the high professional attitude, prioritising confidential measures, maintaining communication aspects and attention to details always. The team was friendly, and I would recommend them without reservations.HypeTeq Software Solutions delivered excellent outputs. The client was pleased with the vendor's professionalism, attention to detail, and friendliness. They also commended how the vendor prioritized confidential measures and maintained good communication via emails, calls, and text messages.

Greg S CEO

HypeTeq Software Solutions impressed the client with their responsiveness and attention to detail. They prioritized communication and were committed to meeting deadlines. The team was proactive in ensuring everyone was contributing and anticipating potential delays, resulting in a smooth project.

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With HypeTeq’s Flexible Fix Price Model / Custom Development Model
Certified Developers
Cost-effective compared to US market
Free Consultation
Fully signed NDA
4+ years of Experience

Unravel The True Potential of Healthcare Solutions With

Web Application Development

Mobile Application

Enterprise Application Development

Wearable Device Integration

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

Data Privacy with Blockchain Development

Maintenance and Support

Industries We Serve

Real Estate
E commerce

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